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March 27 2020


easy breezy!

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tree boys

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Hiroshi Yoshida.

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Wanted to do a line warmup, but honestly I’m pretty out of it = ___ =;; Might take it a bit easier today… 😓💦

March 26 2020

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Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas, February 6, 1933

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raymond time

March 25 2020

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** Permission to post it was granted by the artist
Do not repost/edit the art without permission
Please, support the artist on their pages too **

Artist : @_Tvilin


March 24 2020


Analyzing myself spiritually

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sink or float

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well color me pink!!!


the concept of celebrity is a fucking disease watching all these rich famous twentysomethings fuck around in expensive clothes having fun with their rich famous friends will do nothing except provoke the deepest dissatisfaction with life… no one can accept the mundane as long as they look on jealously at people who make money telling the world that they are somehow unique and worthy of the lives they live. i hate it so much i would love to see it vanish overnight

March 23 2020

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We need him alive


me: *trying to fish in animal crossing new horizons*

the fish:


Watching twilight on a poorly hung projector. (x)

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InuYasha (1996)

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